Sing the Blues, Piano Play!

It was the winter of 2020!

And people were trapped in the homes by the snow storm, and the city declared with a state of emergency. The wind blew snow drifts covering door of homes with frightening picture of prison within our own comfort. Piano music to sooth our souls!

Everyone, in a fright, when will the winter storm pass and how would those not so prepared, survive? News flash were constant by the local media, stay inside, stay warm, the local health and police are on hand for emergencies only. The National Guard called in for their support as well.

Sometimes was needed to sooth the stressful community, afraid to close their eyes for rest, hoping that the next morning will bring some relief of peace.

The locals turned to channel 32, and were graced with a couple of musicians entertaining them with the fantastic praise of an elegant tunes. The talent of dancing fingers touching the white and black keys playing to sooth their souls, of relaxation among the community.

Blues tunes they played, jolly music fill our souls to know how precious talent holds to share with others for whatever they need.
Roar, to keep love afloat. Doves, fly above to honor our heavens.

Love play piano tunes, sing the blues!



Kisses, Hugs, Love Rules!

Love Rules,

Oh how wonderful you are in love, my dear.

We have all heard from people how wonderful it is, if they feel passionately in love. We heard from people, who say I will never love again. Really?

Love isn’t an existence, that as humans we can not turn on or off like a wall switch. We love sometimes the wrong person, if they are not acting the way we choose. Love make us feel warm, and fuzzy inside and we smile at even the slightly thought of that person we love.

Love comes in all shapes, and sizes. Our hearts perform the same as within our being, and we have very little control of it. We touch, hold, whispers as we show love toward another, some of encouragement and inspirations.

Sweets thoughts, of hug, kisses, passionate time together make us feel fabulous even to the point to no control, and no return. Nature comes into our lives as we travel throughout our journey on earth and wonder where is the love of our life?

At the time, we may not realize we have chosen the wrong person as the love of our life, and swear never again, and sooner than later we find ourselves, in love again.

Love is not something we can demand only to feel, I will not love someone intimately. You may experience the inspirations to love many times, without the control to turn off you heart, and say no more. You have as much love in your heart as you wish.

We try immensely on controlling our hearts, and mind and loose each time. Wonderful love make us support each other, mostly respect each other, sometimes love mean living apart for reasons of the unknown.

Love is the most powerful hold we my endure, and have accepted, why do I have no power on who I fall in love with?

The love of your life could be right in front of your face, stand still, focus and look beyond the outer being, inside mean the most. Roar!
Reach your talent and goals with someone, we are design to have a love interest, a best friend, and a future with someone to hold hands in old age.

Love Rules, and we work to control our lives as we explore the flight of Saturn, Venus and back to earth to start again.

Best wishes,


Passion Love, Passion Kiss!


Love making, doesn’t always need intimacy. Love, start with a look into the eyes and it make you feel warmth and curve your lips to smile with approval.. Passion is a touch, feel those hands stroking your body, with a gently kiss on the cheek, hand, neck or sexy lips. A romantic will always accomplish what they set out to, and most likely win over their goal to bring that special person into their world.

Sexy talk, comes along with the direct eye contact without saying a word, just for a moment and you wonder, life is good. Wow!

Along with sweet, passionate compliments of encouragement, how fabulous you are and how wonderful your sweetness make you feel. Thoughts on your mind, of your heart throb mostly when it’s quite and thinking of, when you will see your love again, soon you hope.

Inspire and encourage each other, you should be a couple of romantics with some things in common. Opposite sometime attract, that could be possibly a wonderful thing. Kisses of passion, you tinkle from head to toe. A soft touch make the same different. Explore new and exciting options to share with your love one. Communication is the most glorious time to share thoughts of what, how and why your feelings are important and you want to have your love to listen, and share back to you. Words you choose are important and kind words to go along way for ever.

That could be love! Fatal attraction may be a healthy thing, the worse of too much time and no free time may be a little over bearing. Slow down with love jones. Many fish out there all are not worth throwing a line in the lake to search. Remember important dates, and make a small sacrifice to celebrate with surprise items. Thoughtfulness will go to Mars, Venus and back with much love and appreciation…

Passion Love, Passion Kiss!

Best wishes,


Fashions, Fab, Fabulous!

Women Fabulous, Fashions and Fab!

Step into a Art Gallery, with paintings all around just for the looking, surrounded by Women of many talent, skills and inspirations to share with the world of today and ever more. Generations of many gathered for fun fair with fashion booths of clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, paintings and authors of literature to empowered women for time here and now!

This time the room sparkled with dazzling of mirrors, glass, flowers, music of patting feet and body bouncing gently in their seats to the tunes. The room quite chilled from the outside air for a December Sunday afternoon, heat could bounce out of the vents to relax those cozy in their wraps as the event planner continue to finalize the presentation running behind schedule.

Women dressed in such out laddish outfits, some too small, too reviling and some quite cleverly put together to create their own design, from within their inner souls. Oh how, I would love a hot cup of coffee to warm my bones. The photographer took joyful photos of candied shots from the guests and event participates to encourage smiles and relax everyone with the thought of falling hours behind until the scheduled talent to be presented to the paid guest.

Businesses of business women are Wow! Congrats and best wishes to You!

Would the thought of starting on time and not three hours late bring back support, yes. Maybe, next time the sponsor will have access to the building earlier and have the tables for set up. How fabulous if the Art gallery tenant had the room with some warmth from the outdoor chill. The women of the business would had adequate time to prepare themselves to share and sell their merchandise, is the reason of participation.

Opportunities for the business presentations to the guests to increase their entrepreneur awareness.

Women are fabulous, fab and fashionable!