In a Box, Let Me Out!

In a Box, Let Me Out!

Life has many curves on a normal day, but what about those feeling they are in a box of depression. When the box is empty they function as a normal person, working, smiling and interacting with others. They are enjoying what is going on around them. Having a opportunity to focus on something challenging help them to focus, and realized they are having a normal day.

Time past and they return to no interaction and the focus become less attractive, they become bored and find themselves back in the box.

They have duties or chores each day, cleaning their house, room, kitchen but have no desire to do anything, maybe just lying down. Returning to their comfy place, and find they are unable to perform any duties, making a mental note,” I will do that tomorrow” and tomorrow never comes.

You know how to do such duties, but have no interest or desires. Almost as though you are lifeless. No power to fight your depression, no one realized your depression, afraid to share with others, you are so sad and don’t know why. When you feel in a dark place write down thoughts in your head. If reflecting back in the past on a distressing event that made you sad then and reflecting back you are sad now. Mind over matter is powerful and finding something of interest for you to keep your mind moving, and not become clod with trash and pray for each day your rise.

Get up! Step forward you matter, and you have much to offer to this universe to whoever will listen and not judge what you are going through.
Pray is what we all need to survive, faith and hope will keep up focus to keep our feet on the ground and not constantly on the bed.

Inspired to talk with a physician how you feel, and how long you have been feeling this way, maybe dangerously unhealthy.

Mental illness is what you may be labeled, no one wants that and afraid to allow anyone to know your illness. You wonder where did it come from, was it there as a child or when you married into something you hoped would be all so different and love will rule?

There are times when you feel useless, tired for no reason, sad and unloved.
Sharing with others may explain to them your behavior of less interest with life normal activities, would they have compassion for you, will you ever know?

Would they understand or just say you are lazy, selfish or making excuses to get attention from others? Just gray clouds encircle you in the box, arise to daylight and see beautiful fields of the color purple and blues in the sky above.

The inner box becomes your world, and you crawl into it, until you must release it, and become that normal person again.
When you make your inner world in the box, and feel comfortable, but you are in dark and unhealthy places and it takes your strength.H1

You must pull your inner feelings and have control of your mind, fight for yourself get out! Let me Out!

We must with our hearts allow ourselves to seek wisdom, from those we respect to steer us in the right direction of hope and faith. Closing yourself from the outside world and allowing issues to control you will not do. You are someone special and life hold fabulous creativity for you to enjoy. However, the box is where you feel understood. Fight, for compassion and love, family life itself!

This is a feeling no one seem to understand why, your behavior is not normal and how did this happen? When you don’t know yourself, and times you fight just to keep from being a person in the box forever.

Clutter seemed normal, even though it came all of a sudden, you feel what is going on with me? Entering a room, feeling this is not in my house and it’s your house! You seemed to make no indication of doing anything about it unless you become pressured to cleaned.H2

When you are determined not to allow the box to control your life dreams, there is help in the world, and others sharing your feelings and behaviors. Seek help from professionals and talk with those you love. Sincerity, will be your best asset.

Love is so powerful and our world is full of boxes! We must continue to find ways to get help, and slowly get back into what make our world go round and you have a place in it.

In the Box, Let Me Out!

Best wishes,


Inspirations of Human Feelings!

Inspirations of Human Feelings!

Inhale for a moment, and exhale for a minute longer. Human feelings and you roar..

We share our feelings with those we trust, love, respect, are just best friends.
We are designed to have desires to be attractive to others and vice versa sometimes to meet and greet to the Moon and back to earth.

We are destined to explore our emotions, we tend to hold inside. Communication and respect play the most important role in relationships, speak when necessary and hope they will listen and not react.

Inhale for a moment, and exhale for a minute longer. We focus on our inner feelings and want to share those fantasies with someone we know, just met or the one we married.

We find ourselves with partners, we wonder about their sincerity, and we stay together anyway. Pull in your faith and hope to focus, stand still, and listen to your inner soul. Born to be someone, talents to offer someone, kindness to give someone.

We are intelligent, communication is the key that make our world evolve on its axis, soar! Roads with curves make us adjust our speed, if we continue to drive the road will straighten. Slow down and listen to your heart of kindness. Love making has the power to share inner thoughts and inspire each how fabulous our human bodies are designed.

You have talent to share, pass it on. Cheers!

Nudity is natural and no one should be ashamed of their body. You are beautiful and love making is just another part of our existence. Enjoy and love the one you are with, respect, grow and inspire with affection, communication, and both of you roar to Saturn and back to Earth together. Wow!

Mistakes will be made, and you will learn, reach up as you grow to reach for the stars. Some mistakes you made didn’t know they were mistakes at the time, but maturity expand, now you know. Arise with courage and roar totally with your passion of love floating above from heaven; we are blessed.

Creativity during intimacy share great care to provide hugs and kisses as you show love during passionately whispers of compliments and sweet pillow talk.

Define passion, love, hugs, kisses, touches, blow a kiss. Other passions of beauty, delicious entrée, beautiful art, crayon box of many colors, rhythm of Jazz and blues!

A wink or charming smile, encouraging love of songs of passions of the world will evolve as we explore our good grace.

Human Feelings Roar!


Love Making, Passion, Pleasures!

Love Making, Passion, Pleasures. Roar!!

On your way, you two meet with a blast and intimacy follows.
Passionate to please each other you communicate to discover, what turns you on and not. Respect feelings, time to relax and share ideas, maybe even some past relationships. Remember, there are several things about loving the one you are with.

We want to love the one we made decisions to share our love, body and soul with. That means respect and communication is the key to survive such a tough life of sharing, and learning how others feel about you as well. Challenges are daily and life will have bumps in the road, keep driving and the road will straighten up as time pass. You will find yourself content, and wonder if that’s enough for the rest of your life.

Decisions to move on, you will just find yourself into another relationship with a different set of issues. Stay put and work on the one you are with now, unless abusiveness is part of it, then move on.

Interests in some of the same things help, nothing in common will be boring and you may want to wonder, don’t move so fast into a relationship for all the wrong reasons, you will find yourself in another and going in circles.

Love is smooth, precious, caring, delicate, passionate, gently, and massaging to touch special places. No rushing, holding each other, wet kisses, elegant whispers. That’s love people and have your own ways of sharing compassion.

Peace, Love and Soul



Sugar, Spices, Love Priceless!

Sugar, Spices, Love Priceless!


Love is Priceless, when we rise and see daylight and thankful your phone did not ring in the middle of the night of sad news. Love is when you feel like smiling from a past event or a remembrance of something you are so very proud of… Love is the most fabulous feeling we hold as humans and some so grateful for the opportunity to be graced with love.

Our purpose on the earth provided by our spiritual being is to love, produce and teach others the love and respect to one another. We have taken our lives to so many levels of despair, grace bring us to our feet to move forward. Heaven showers pour upon us to shake off any weakness we hold and to remove shackles keeping us bound and unable to have faith to pull apart those obstacles of life itself.

Family values, our integrity and the hearts of those with none and have a no return policy to continue to disrespect life itself, Sugar. Arise to each day with hope we all have instilled in our souls, granted so graciously by God. Amen!

Forgiveness, we all encounter but so difficulty to let go, the hurtfulness bind inside when
confusion, and questions of why? We live with fears and distrust, we need love and trust, oh how precious life would be with more love on the great earth created so long ago.

So many talents are lost for one reason or another, lack of confidence, families broken, none believers, broken promises so many more reasons to doubt yourselves, and your purpose to exist.

We have so much love to give and leave footprints to generations to come,
hold up your values to your standards. Education is up to you to earn, listen, produce, share and make your legacy to be powerful and inspiring.

Inspirations, give us directions of how God want his flock to love, teach, respect and honor his creation. This beautiful earth with fields of color purple, blast us with grace and mercy from above.
We must leave our footprints with future generations how God’s love, forgiveness and continued hope we will endure all doors closed to all doors opened as Genesis in the beginning we were created.

Love continues to roar like a lion to all generations, stand still as we prepare to me the judge with our lives in the book, how will your life read, will you make it to heaven shores. Angels with wings of fluffy white as doves fly to ensure we will survive our day of judgement.

Eyes closed, hand up with praised, thank you Lord for my life on this earth create in Genesis to Revelation, have mercy on me.

Seasons will continue to come, we must embrace those lacking the morals, and Spices of how most importantly they have as holding up the responsibility; as born into this wonderful world of life.

We have values to learn, give and share.

Sugar, Spices, Love Priceless!