Rubies Red Violets Blue!

Rubies, Diamonds, Pearls!

Rubies are Red, Violets are Blue, and Pearls are precious just as you! Oh my!
Designed to wear Red high heel shoes, Red hats, Red lipstick and rouge. Red as Rubies, we are created to stand still and wait on God’s word to teach others the power of praise.
Diamonds white and chocolate delight precious gems in life to heal hearts from those un-enchanted dark places.

Women are here to spread kind words to those who will listen, read to those who will hear. Angels as white as snow from above as precious Pearls shine with a great dazzling glow.
Arise, thankful for another day to challenge hope, to share grace, when I lay for another night, I pray for another plight to arise…

Here to protect from the evil doers you know, that’s God glorious way to show how much we are loved. We are great humans and here to educate those about life skills how to be a lady and mother.

We are obvious women of the earth going through our Journey in this life traveling, and traveling to make our mark to leave our legacy to our younger ones our brother.

Pearls come with great determination of life, survive and be kind to others, not take what is not yours, respect others opinion and way of life. Fresh water pearls are tender to have and hold forever as you refresh your life in positive dreams.
Black and White Pearls are a precious honor to receive from family as a gift to pass on to future generation.

Women designed phenomenal with compassion souls and unmistakable graced with God’s creation. Be inspire to the world with success, one step at a time, role models, and treasurers of love, footprint your legacy. Oh my!


House of Cheers!

House of Cheers!

House of love cheers out to many people with love of passions to share talent, dreams and songs of love birds! Settle down to make plans for your life you have deep down in your soul that no one can pull out of your out of body experience.

Keep your thoughts secret and wanting to share what your goals and dreams hold, feeling someone will laugh and say “you could never do that”.

Humans are designed to have life goals. Talents that you may not have tapped into yet or you feel it’s out of your wildest dream to make that journey out of the deep valley you find yourself currently captive. People select how we should live, do, go, act, we feel like a walking robot day to day, screaming inside; let me out of here!

The journey to the Moon, Mars and back just to breathe air, and not feel like choking, just want to be free to be your own person.
Born to be someone, talents to offer someone, kindness to give someone, but no one listens. You feel all along on this world called Earth. Music sooths you, closed eyes and just imagine a life of just music that make you tickle inside deep down. Hearts beat to keep us alive, hearts beat to make some sad that we are here.

You know there is another place for me to release my inner thoughts of my mind to share how today is making me feel. Life should be free, freedom is free, wake up today, and have choices, you listen to music and you am free again.

Crowded streets of people all must have choices, inner feelings but say nothing. If only you could hear their thoughts it would make my feel important and realize others are like you too. Lost in the world within myself afraid to love, share or speak how life should be, would you ever know?

House of Love Cheers! Sound so nice, would like to visit if there is where cheers of love dwell. Nice people, kind and caring people who will listen to my dreams for life, if you could get there. Stories of happy times there and able to release my inner thoughts maybe someone will listen and smile and encourage. Beautiful roses of color purple scent in the air and arriving to my journey of the unknown, you feel better already.

Determination for bringing dreams to life is not out of reach like the stars high in the sky. Believe always you have abilities to be a wonderful and ambitious person, you matter and dreams do come true. Kindness given, kindness returned twice over the world is part of you and you are a part of the universe.

Love yourself most of all; you are beautiful and important to make it to the House of Love Cheers!!


Love, Peace and Soul!

Peace to you All!

Our world consists of what our plans are; what we put into it make a star on our existence. Born within a family, taught about life from teachers, peers and church family. We become adults and determine our destiny as a human being. What would we do, how would we react to life curves that come toward us and we dodge one or two occasionally. Next could be even more challenging, what’s in our hearts would allow us to cope and keep the peace within soul.

Many closed their eyes at night, with a morning determination to make bad decisions without realizing the consequences, family they may hurt, on both sided of the road. Parents wondering where did I go wrong, why is my child doing such horrific things to other humans or communities. We are all born with love within our hearts, peace is part of our
character deep down in our souls. What make us change that character? Professionals say an off balance in our brain. Powerless is a awkward feeling, however, the talent, skills and gifts we all have to share with others make the world go round.

Teach others your gifts, pass it on to future generations. God’s peace is for us all and we have the will to make good peaceful and caring decisions. Allow meek-spirited people to help sooth your worries and troubles. We are a world of many colors and love conquers all!
Shower from Heaven love over hate floating above the fluffy clouds, rise to touch & get reborn. We are our best supporter. Move to roar on..

Love, Peace and Soul!


Inspirations of Dreams, Talent, Love!

Life Greatness,

Dreams, Talent, Skills and Goals we all have a lifetime to accomplish with hearts of determination to survive. Mysteriously, we hold ideas; others may think are out of grasp of the world we live in, but we are true to our hearts.

Honest and noteworthy careers make us eagered, to achieve a compatible income
for things we need and some of what we desire. Meek-spirited souls could be a downfall for some, to move on up the ladder of success as we know it. Honesty is one gift we hold, and teach the next generation as we wish to share our deepest treasurers; to leave our foot prints behind.

Arise, to your best foot forward and share. We make challenging obstacles easy with faith, hope and determination with family and friends. Your season will come, stand still and listen, focus and be steadfast and move swiftly!


P.G. McDonald